There’s an all natural product that’s likely in your kitchen or bathroom that could make you look younger and get rid of your morning breath.

Coconut oil has some great health benefits that many people are taking advantage of.

We spend so much money on products and procedures that promise to make us look and feel younger.

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Naomi Dicresce of Planet Health in Ellisville has been using something inexpensive and non-invasive for her beauty and health needs for 25 years.

"I live it, I breath it, I believe in it, I’ve seen the results," she said.

Dicresce is talking about organic coconut oil. There are at least five uses of the natural product that she swears by.

1: Use on your skin for soft, smooth results.

"It’s very moisturizing. It’s great for wrinkles," she said.

2. Rub in your hair to restore health and repair breakage.

"It makes your hair shiny and soft. It helps with the frizz, dryness," explained Dicresce.

3. Use as a mouth rinse. It’s called oil pulling. Be sure to spit out in the trash. Do not swallow.

"I personally do the oil pulling every morning which is taking a tablespoon of coconut oil in my mouth and you just swish it for about 10-15 minutes. It helps to get rid of the bacteria and the plaque in your mouth and bad breath. It whitens your teeth as well. I haven’t had morning breath since I’ve been doing this,” she said.

4. Use it for cooking.

"The good oil, monounsaturated fat tastes good. I love how it makes the food taste," she said.

5. Use a small amount to flavor coffee. It helps with weight loss.

"Putting a couple of tablespoons like the MCT oil that comes from the coconut. Use it in your coffee for weight loss," she said.

If you're about to run out to the store and grab some coconut oil, make sure its organic, extra virgin, and cold pressed.

While many people live by the benefits of coconut oil, the American Heart Association says it may increase bad cholesterol.

It recommends people use it on their skin, but not in their bodies.