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'Surprise!' Vanna White drops into UMSL students' Zoom class

The "Wheel of Fortune" host said she had a little bit of free time to chat with the students
Credit: YouTube

ST. LOUIS — Can I have a U, M, S and an L, please?

Some University of Missouri – St. Louis students had a celebrity pop into their virtual learning session last week – “Wheel of Fortune” host and letter revealer Vanna White.

“Hey! How are you? Surprise!” White said from her home in California. “I had a free minute, actually, I have a lot of free minutes. I just wanted to log in and see what’s going on over there.”

She dropped into an UMSL Department of Department of Communication & Media class about public speaking and ended up leaving students speechless for the first couple minutes.

One student just had to be sure he was talking to the Vanna White. He showed his computer screen to the camera and asked, “You’re her?” with the Google page for Vanna White displayed on his screen. White laughed and shook her said yes, “This is my at-home look.”

White, who’s famous for wearing fancy, sparkly dresses also clarified, “You know, I’m wearing blue jeans right now. I’m not wearing my pretty dresses,” she said with a smile.

“Wheel of Fortune” is still airing new episodes for now. White said they tape about two months in advance.

White said during the pandemic she’s been staying inside with her daughter Gigi, who’s home from college at NYU. She said they’ve been spending their time trying to get their cats to become friends.

“I hope that everybody stays put. We’ll get through this and be on the other side real soon,” she told the class. “In the meantime, be good to your teacher!”

White's impromptu drop-in clearly left an impression on the class. One student later tweeted, "It was awesome and mind blowing. I am shook."

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