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Unique experiences popping up in Augusta, Missouri

The small, quaint town long known for Missouri wineries is now offering something for all walks of life

AUGUSTA, Missouri — A flurry of activity continues in Augusta, Missouri; a town long known for boutique wineries, antique shops, quiet streets and a landscape of rolling hills.

In January 2021, David and Jerri Hoffmann announced they were investing $150 million in the community, with plans to draw tourists from around the world.  

Construction crews are busy juggling multiple projects in Augusta, including the anticipation of a new 5-star hotel to be built off Church Street.

David Hoffmann gave 5 On Your Side an exclusive look into what you can expect in the coming years.

 "The spa we have in the house will give you a sense of what the spa, a mini version of course, but it's the same designer, she's doing the hotel," he said. 

The company is also catering to outdoor lovers. "We've created a hunting lodge where you can take a wooden boat; a 1949 Criss Craft original wooden boat out on a little lake," he said. 

Hoffmann said only three people own one of the Criss Craft boats: Kevin Costner, Jennifer Lopez and the Hoffmann family.

The Hoffmanns have restored 21 barns for their projects, and they have a new farm with a dozen goats for a future cheese store where they will sell their own goat cheese. 

"We're opening up a new dress store called The Augusta Clothing Company which my wife is driving," Hoffmann said. The store is slated to open April 28. 

Twenty bed and breakfasts have been purchased including a hostel hotel they renovated on Water Street. 

Wine revenue is also up with talks of getting distribution in Michigan and areas of Chicago. "My ultimate goal is to get it in California, you know our 2017 Norton Reserve people taste it from all over and are stunned by how good it is," Hoffmann said.

5 On Your Side asked Hoffmann if there were plans to blend Missouri grapes with those from other regions. He said, "I am a Missouri boy true and true and I think Missouri wine has been misunderstood for years." 

The Hoffmans dream to make Augusta an area bustling with excitement. "We are going to have a very, very cool vibrant downtown," Hoffmann said.

Hoffmann said he's hopeful the Miss Augusta Yacht dock will be completed in summer 2022. The Miss August Yacht made it's maiden voyage in January 2021. The dock will be located in Augusta's Klondike Park.  

Additionally, an Italian eatery and golf course on the Balducci property. There are currently running gator tours in 30, 60 and 90 minute options. 

In a nod to St. Louis tradition, the Hoffmanns also have Clydesdale horses people can see on the gator tours. 

There are many more plans in the works, including bringing a zipline, an art gallery, mini golf, a furniture store and a bakery.

5 On Your Side will have a continuing series showcasing all that is planned over the next 5 years in the Augusta community and what this means for nearly 2,000 job opportunities. 


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