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After striking out on dating apps, St. Louis man creates his own website

“Needed to take matters into my own hands. You know, write my own fate"

ST. LOUIS — In days of a pandemic trying to find love isn’t easy. Colin O’Brien considers himself to be fun loving guy.

“I’m a person with a personality,” he told 5 On Your Side.

But at the current time there is more fun in his life than there is love in his life.

“It’s normal to have moments where you’re like, it’s kind of a bummer to be alone tonight,” he said. 

He tried looking for love through dating apps but had no luck.

“That has been completely ineffective for me. Never even gotten a single in-person date from them,” he said.

So he got creative and created his own website called “Date Colin O’Brien.”   

“Needed to take matters into my own hands. You know, write my own fate. The idea was originally like a joke of my buddy A.J.’s,” he explained.

He even has t-shirts. 

“It’s like a little creative team behind it almost. It’s not all just me. I’m not that talented,” he laughed.  

The site is very transparent listing all kinds of stuff including his vaccination status. 

“I try putting everything about myself on there.”

He lists his pros. 

“I’ve got my stuff together. I bathe regularly.”

He also put the cons on his website too. 

“Comments and the responses have been so kind and generous and fun. And like people are on board with it,” he said. 

The website is not a cry of desperation. 

“I’m trying to be funny and have fun with an issue I think a lot of people have,” he said. 

Potential dates are showing some interest. 

“Honestly it’s blowing up and it’s been a blast. Something like 300,000 people have seen it now,” he said. 

One of those people could turn out to be Mrs. Right. 

“Principle idea here is to find my person. You know, to find true love,” he said.

He certainly hopes that will be the case.

“If out of hundreds of people contacting me I can’t find somebody to love, then it says something about me,” he laughed.