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Babies, breastfeeding welcomed and encouraged at Fenton company

Every day is "Bring Your Baby to Work Day" at this company.

FENTON, Mo. — Breastfeeding in public is something that strikes a nerve for some people. Whether or not it’s acceptable is constantly debated. But there’s no debate at one company in Fenton. It's called Cotton Babies. The company makes cloth diapers to save families money.

Because they're dedicated to family, they encourage new moms and dads to bring their babies to work with them up to one year of age. The policy was life-changing for Julia Lohmeyer.

She brought her son Thomas to work until he started moving around a lot.

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"Here I mean we can literally breastfeed wherever we are in this building. There’s no judgment. Everyone is so accepting and supportive of it. I would sit at my desk here. I'd have a Boppy across my lap, I'd push it up against the desk and I would work hands free. I mean it was amazing," explained Lohmeyer.

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Cotton Babies was founded 16 years ago by mom Jennifer Labit. She said her children grew up under her feet as she built the company, which is why she allows her employees to bring their kids to work.

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