ST. LOUIS — Chef Jay stopped by with a delicious dish on Show Me St. Louis today. He has a pop-up event coming up - Taste by Chef Jay. The event will feature a 7-course meal. It's $40/person, and tickets must be purchased in advance. If interested, call or text 314-261-8104 or email

Cajun Seafood Mac ‘n’ Cheese 

Ingredients: - 2 pounds of diced lobster meat

2 pounds shrimp

3 Tbsp Garlic

3 Tbsp of Cajun season of your choice

2 pounds of cooked pasta noodles of your choice

1 qt of heavy cream

1 pound of cooked pasta

2 Tbsp of salt

1 Tbsp of pepper

4 Tbsp of butter

Grab a large pan & bring to medium heat, then add butter. Once melted down, add garlic. Once browned, add your sea food. Cook until it turns light pink, then add heavy cream once it comes to a boil and start to reduce. Add in your Cheeses. Allow cheeses to melt, then add in your pasta and broccoli. And there u have seafood Mac and cheese. Now, you do have the option of finish it in a 400 degree Oven after you've topped your Mac with bread crumbs.