PASCO COUNTY, Fla. -- Firefighters in Florida are being hailed a hero for not only rescuing a man after he had a heart attack but for coming back to the family's home to help finish the lawn work.

Melissa Work said her husband had a massive heart attack while working on the sod with her brother-in-law. Work said her husband had been stressed because their Home Owner's Association fine date was getting closer.

Work said while he was having his heart attack the only thing he could think about was the lawn.

"He kept begging me to figure out the sod and have it put down because he didn't want it to go to waste and die. It's ALL he kept asking about literally during a massive heart attack," Work wrote.

On Facebook, Work wrote that while her and her husband were headed to the hospital, her brother-in-law stayed behind to finish the lawn work himself.

"He finished getting the old grass out and then began laying a few rows of the new sod," Work wrote.

As he was laying out the sod, Work said her brother-in-law heard huge trucks driving back down the road. He turned around and saw the fire truck and ambulance had come back. Work said he was confused and thought they were coming to check on him.

"Before he knows it, 7 firefighters and EMT's jumped out, put on gloves and said they came back because they knew Gene was in serious trouble and they wanted to lay the new sod so it didn't die," Work wrote. "They knew he wouldn't be able to do any work for weeks so they came back."

Work is now trying to find the men who helped her family.

Meilin Tompkins is a digital reporter for NBC Charlotte -- you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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