AUGUSTA, Maine - Does it get any cuter than senior shelter dogs getting married?

Kennebec Valley Humane Society in Maine shared the story of Jack and Diane on their website.

The two originally went to the shelter after someone found them wandering together with leashes tied together in a cemetery in August 2018. The two were placed once with a family that unfortunately didn’t work out, the shelter said.

Jack and Diane returned to Kennebec Valley Humane Society in November 2018. They’re looking for a loving home that can provide them with a comfortable retirement lifestyle to live out their days.

‘It is much like an old married couple loves one another, so it was decided to honor that love with a wedding. To ensure that Jack and Diane’s bond continues, they will not be separated and will be adopted together,’ The Kennebec Valley Humane Society said. The two show a great deal of attachment to one another.

Their adoption fee is sponsored – the shelter said the restrictions include their new home has no other pets and no children under the age of 13.

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