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Dancing Santas spread holiday spirit through streets of St. Louis

They are known to show off the moves in restaurants and even in intersections during red lights.

ST. LOUIS — Santa is a staple of the Christmas season. The jolly guy is often spotted at malls and in parades, but there is another group showing up in random places.

“People are surprised, first of all, to see a dozen Santas,” said Lynn Koeneman.

The group is completely decked out in red suits and white beards.

“Having no sense of embarrassment to look like this in public,” laughed Koeneman.

The group is known as the Dancing Santas. They are known to show off the moves in restaurants and even in intersections during red lights.

“We’re meticulous about timing it out. We know that we have 40 seconds max,” explained Julie Wuch.

The Dancing Santas are known as the “Hip Hop Mamas” during the other days of the year. But these days, they’re dancing to spread the joy of the Christmas season to the people who watch them.

“They are just filled with, you know, happiness and joy. We love spreading that happy cheer around,” said Koeneman.

DJ Reggie is the head Santa. He teaches the other Santas their performances.

“He choreographs and we practice a couple of times a week,” said Wuch. “And we focus on Christmas songs you know starting in November,” added Koeneman.

The Dancing Santas boogie to a variety of Christmas classics from “Jingle Bells” to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas.” They do four numbers per performance and the routines can be taxing.

“It is physical for sure,” said Wuch. “We love it. It’s our workout,” said Koeneman.

The group has been together for four years and has built a following on social media. Those followers are also giving. They help the Dancing Santas make a sizable donation to a local charity.

“One of our missions during the holiday season is to give back to the community,” said Wuch.

“This year we’re supporting 100 neediest cases,” said Koeneman.

The Dancing Santas hope to raise $2,022 by the end of 2022 for the 100 neediest cases.

If you would like to learn more about the Dancing Santas, visit their Facebook page.

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