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St. Louis rapper hopes to unite city through music and soccer at CityPark

As the music director for St. Louis CITY SC, he is lining up local bands of different genres to perform at the stadium.

ST. LOUIS — There are things that can bring people of differing backgrounds and beliefs together. Sports and music are on the list. A St. Louis rapper is combining the two for St. Louis CITY SC.

“It’s a huge unifier for our city,” said Mvstermind.

He’s confident in his idea working.

“I feel like it’s very important to be a high believer of yourself. That’s how you show up and be a stronger member inside of your community,” Mvstermind.

He played soccer as a kid and believed so strongly in his plan that he approached the folks at CityPark with it.

“I reached out to the stadium with the concept of being the director of musical experience,” he told 5 On Your Side.

Mvstermind, whose real name is Muhammad Austin, got the job. As the director he is lining up local bands of different genres to perform at the stadium. They’ll entertain the fans and receive exposure to a new audience.

“Artists have the ability to have their music heard by 22,000-plus people. That’s a platform. That’s an amplifier,” he explained.

He wants people to see the three traits of the local musicians.

“Heart, hustle and spirit. People always ask me, ‘What do you feel describes St. Louis.’ Those three words have always came to mind,” he said.

Mvstermind started making beats at the age of 12 and started rapping at 16. He knows what the opportunity will mean for artists trying to make a name for themselves.

“We’re always striving for greater. But I like to utilize that word because that ‘greater’ is a reminder of where you are currently at to be grateful,” he explained.

And he is grateful for the opportunity St Louis CITY SC has given him to be a part of the match day experience.

“Together we’re doing something. It’s wild to see it all play out. But it is easy to see its intentions,” he said.

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