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Food market on wheels serving St. Louis communities

"It is alarming in the sense of the lack of opportunity in certain neighborhoods."

ST. LOUIS — There is an on-going issue in St. Louis. People in certain communities not being able to get affordable, fresh and healthy food to eat. These areas are known as food deserts.

But the St. Louis Metro Market is out to change that.

It is a food oasis of sorts on wheels. The non-profit works in partnership with Operation Food Search to load up a big green bus with essentials that people need.

“I love this bus. To me, it represents the health and nutrition that we all need,” said Kristen Wild with Operation Food Search.

The bus has everything on it from green vegetables to fruits along with eggs and frozen meat. The items help in meeting the vast need for people with food insecurities.

Wild said Operation Food Search alone serves about 200,000 people in our area each month.

“And we’re not reaching everybody who needs us,” Wild told 5 On Your Side.

Quinton Ward with St. Louis Metro Market is concerned about the situation.

“It is alarming in the sense of the lack of opportunity in certain neighborhoods,” he said.

The bus in many ways has been a lifeline for many people.

“I would say the bus is crucial in certain ways,” Ward said.

He is proud that his work helps in making a difference.

“This is everything to me in that sense. I think the pride comes from seeing the joy from community members,” he said.

The hope down the line is that with the help of their partnerships, the St. Louis Metro Market will have a greater reach in the community.

“We’re hoping to expand the fleet in future years,” said Wild.

“It’s a bus right now but maybe that looks different in 5, 10, 20 years from now,” added Ward.

But as of now the bus isn’t out during the entire year. The current season is coming to an end. The final run for 2021 is on Saturday, Dec. 4.

“I’m hoping that this will be the last off-season for the St Louis Metro Market,” said Wild.

If you’d like to learn more about the mobile market or want to make a donation to their efforts to become a year round provider, click here.

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