ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. — A St. Charles County couple has created a booming dog biscuit business by repurposing beer grains.

"Brewing beer, we had all these extra grains what we call spent grain," said Charles Saso.

So they found a recipe for dog treats and gave it a try.

"We started making them we gave them to Kim’s dog Diego and our friends they all liked them, so we thought we are on to something here," Charles Saso said.

The demand is steadily increasing. They originally were hoping to be work with one brewery, but they are already working with dozens of St. Louis breweries.

"So, there is no preservative, but we dehydrate them so they last a long time, we pull the moisture out there is no mold, it tastes like an unsweetened granola bar," Kim Meyer said.

Crafted bone treats are available at area St. Louis stores and breweries.

They also have other products in mind including a seasoning you sprinkle over dog food for picky dog eaters.

For more information and where you can buy the treats, visit their website here.