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How to find the right plants for your home

Consumer Reports checked out a few online retailers to help you pick the right plants for your green space

ST. LOUIS — A little green goes a long way. At least that’s what scientists say about the power of plants and your mental health.

Spending just 20 to 30 minutes a day in a green space is all you need to reap the mood-boosting benefits plants can provide. And now it’s easier than ever to shop online and have plants delivered to your doorstep. 

Consumer Reports just checked out a few online retailers to help you pick the right plants for your green space.

Consumer Reports looked at online retailers like Home Depot and Amazon as well as curated collections from The Sill and Bloomscape, and the flower delivery services Bouqs and UrbanStems to find out what you actually get and if it’s worth what you’re paying for.

Bloomscape and The Sill’s plants include care tips and online customer help. And both offer trendy pots in different styles and colors for you to grow your plants in. A ZZ plant in a 6-inch pot from The Sill costs about $63, and that’s before tax and shipping costs. 

The same plant from Amazon costs about $30 to $50. And depending on the seller, that might even include shipping.

If you want to give the gift of greenery, Bouqs and UrbanStems offer guaranteed delivery dates and often next-day delivery. But again, it’ll cost you, and the selection is limited.

At UrbanStems, a 6-inch ZZ plus delivery and tax costs about $80. (please check the price. the original text was confusing./af)

If you’re looking for a less expensive option, consider swapping plants with friends or even join a “buy nothing” group on Facebook.

CR says if you’re planning to purchase plants online, try to pick ones that can survive the journey, like those with thick structural leaves that are less susceptible to breaking in transit.

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