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Police release information after man shot by Wentzville police in April

Police say a man was a person of interest in a kidnapping investigation when he threatened self-harm.

WENTZVILLE, Mo. — Police released a video Tuesday providing information about a shooting that happened in Wentzville in April.

Wentzville police shot a man outside of an AutoZone store on April 20. The man was a person of interest in a kidnapping, police said.

The video, produced by the Wentzville Police Department, plays police dispatch information, shows body-worn camera footage, and includes narration from Sgt. Jacob Schmidt, Public Information Officer of Wentzville Police. 

The video report is the end result of an investigation by the St. Charles County Critical Incident Response Team. The unit's purpose is to investigate officer-involved incidents and other high-level critical cases.

The video identifies the subject as Daniel Phillips, 54, of Bowling Green. The shooting happened in the 1200 block of West Pearce Boulevard.

An initial dispatch call indicated Phillips was involved in a kidnapping of a boy, but the dispatcher was not clear on the circumstances.

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Body camera video shows a car stopped in the AutoZone parking lot. Officers approached the vehicle and an officer saw Phillips holding a firearm. An officer asked Phillips to show his hands. Phillips told the officer to get back and threatened self-harm.

Phillips closed the door, and condensation fogged the windows, decreasing the officers' visibility.

"Due to the volatility of the entire circumstance, his personal safety and the safety of the other officers on the scene, and the safety of the surrounding citizens, he engaged the threat," Sgt. Schmidt said in the video.

Two officers fired shots at Phillips. Phillips dropped the gun outside of the car.

Phillips was removed from the car and assessed for injuries and given medical attention, police said. Phillips was bleeding from his wrist and was pushed to the ground by officers. Phillips was handcuffed with his hands behind his back while repeating, "I'm bleeding bad."

Police rolled him over to check Phillips' injuries and brought in a trauma bag to help him.

He was unhandcuffed and taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The video includes body-worn camera footage from the points of view of three officers. The video is upsetting and includes images of a man threatening self-harm. The video can be viewed here.

Phillips is facing multiple charges in several jurisdictions related to the kidnapping and the shooting.

5 On Your Side has requested documents and un-redacted video from the incident.

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