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St. Louis police offering cash rewards to help catch illegal dumpers

If you like money but you hate trash, this is the perfect gig for you.
Credit: KSDK

ST. LOUIS — If you live in St. Louis you've probably seen your fair share of overflowing dumpsters and trash piled in alleyways.

It's a problem that St. Louis police say is getting worse and they're asking for your help to literally clean up the streets.

You can make $100 if you call the Citizen Service Bureau at (314) 622-4800 with a tip leading to the arrest of someone illegally dumping trash.

The trash task force was started back in 1993 but now the number of people dumping trash illegally is going up.

Officers have responded to more than 80 calls in the last two months for illegal dumping, overflowing dumpsters, and excessive trash in alleyways.

If you're caught dumping trash illegally you could be hit with a fine of up to 500 bucks.

Police have also installed cameras in alleyways and on light poles throughout the city to help in areas where illegal dumping is the worst.

"There's a lot of it, there are areas here in McKinley Park that seem to be dumping grounds for a lot of things and it would be great if we could get that cleaned up," said McKinley Park resident Tony Valerio.

The trash task force consists of 15 St. Louis police officers who work overtime patrolling alleyways and streets looking for trash violations.

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