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Man from St. Louis is the voice behind a Budweiser commercial airing across the nation

Thirty-three-year-old Craig Mitchell lives in The Big Apple but grew up in north St. Louis. The advertising guru and voice actor saw his work skyrocket.

ST. LOUIS — You might not know his name, but there is a chance you've heard his voice. A north St. Louis native is one of the newest voices behind a nationwide Budweiser commercial. He said he's hoping to inspire others through his own success.

Sometimes you just have to see it to know what's possible. That's why Craig Mitchell is sharing his passion, a passion that's made him successful. He said he's proud to be a product of St. Louis.

We see ads on tv all the time. Although you see the actors in the commercial, you don’t always see the person behind the voice.

That’s true for a Budweiser commercial now airing in more than a dozen markets across the country.

"The people who share the same spirit, share the same beer,” the 33-year-old voice actor is heard saying in the commercial.

He lives in "The Big Apple" right now, but he grew up in St. Louis. The advertising guru and voice actor saw his work skyrocket.

From the Budweiser ad to a film marking the 75th anniversary of the NBA and he's still going.

"I didn't really think voice over was a thing, but I knew I had a decent voice, and someone recognized it too … It was only a matter of time before I got booked to live commercials,” he said.

He agreed to sit down with 5 On Your Side because he believes a young person can see him and realize they can do it too.

He has a message to youth who are trying to find their way. 

"More than anything, be yourself …You will be accepted if you just stay true. It's when you go left and try to pretend to be someone you’re not, that's when it catches up to you and that's when you're not seen for the great person that you actually are."

A great person can catch the attention of the world, he said, because they choose to maximize their potential.

Mitchell is a board member of the Creative Heritage Foundation, a brand-new nonprofit that will work to help creatives in the St. Louis area get to the next level. You can expect updates soon on their Instagram account.

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