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Frisky squirrels are multiplying in St Louis

It's 'squirrels gone wild' in the St. Louis area this spring.

ST. LOUIS — You've got to admit, they're kinda cute.

But they taunt our pets, dig holes in our yards, eat anything they can get their mouths around and occasionally get into our houses.

Not cool.

Well, sorry to say, there's going to be a whole lot of that going on this year. Because, according to at least one expert, St. Louis area squirrels have been "frisky."

The squirrel population has quadrupled in the past month.           

This is their mating season, but this year it seems like they started early. A typical litter can produce about six offspring.

"What’s bad is they have two seasons — April and late September," said Rick Isenmann, owner of STL Pest Control. "You can have as many as 24 squirrels just from one mom." 

So what happens in the trees usually doesn’t stay in the trees.

People are calling because they are hearing noise in their attic. It may sound squirrelly, but Isenmann says if you hear noise around 6 a.m., you have squirrels.

If you suspect the critters have moved in and created an extra bedroom in your attic, it might be time to call a professional.

A good way to prevent squirrels from your house is to cut back the trees so that they don't have as easy of a time jumping to your roof.

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