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St. Louis alderman wants to create coronavirus special committee to help workers, businesses and economy

The Board of Aldermen will introduce a resolution Tuesday to create a coronavirus special committee to address economic relief in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS — Weeks after stay-at-home orders were implemented and non-essential businesses closed doors in St. Louis, a special committee could help the city’s economy stay afloat.

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed will introduce a resolution Tuesday to create a 'Coronavirus Special Committee' to address economic relief in St. Louis.

“The coronavirus has already tested our city’s economy, hindered our small businesses, highlighted inequalities in public health and reflected inefficiencies across our region," Reed said. "The Board will need to address these issues and more."

The committee, which would last until the pandemic is over, would develop strategies to stabilize the economy. It would also reduce unnecessary laws and regulations to help the economy bounce back as the pandemic ends, aid individual workers, protect investments from businesses and entrepreneurs, analyze state and federal stimulus for St. Louis and recommend other actions that could strengthen St. Louis.

The special committee would be the centralized group to get all reports, data and legislation related to the coronavirus pandemic in St. Louis. Public health, education, economy and tourism sectors would also be discussed, along with the overall well-being of people in the city.

Chairmen of existing Board of Aldermen Committees would serve on the committee, including Convention and Tourism; Ways and Means; Public Safety; Health and Human Services; Education and Youth Matters; Transportation and Commerce and more.

The resolution authorizes the formation of a special committee of the Board of Aldermen and outlines the tasks of the Committee.


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