ST. CHARLES, Mo. - A mother said she is ready to pull her 2-year out of daycare after he was injured for the second time in two weeks.

The toddler went to the hospital after both injuries that happened at Tendercare Learning Center in St. Charles. His mother said the staff should have kept a closer eye on her son, but the daycare staff members say they did everything right.

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A manager for the business said they followed safety regulations, and proper protocol and watched the toddler closely, but his mother isn't convinced.

“It's just too close to comfort,” Kalyn Rodery said. “I was just at the hospital last week.”

Photos of Kaelyn Rodery's 2-year-old son Xander show the extent of his injuries.

She doesn't believe the staff was watching her son close enough when he fell and busted his lip at the Tendercare Learning Center in St. Charles on Monday. She said her son can normally catch himself when he falls.

She said Xander had to have his eyebrow area glued last week after another fall at the daycare.

So on Wednesday, she kept him home with a friend instead of sending him to Tendercare.

The business manager for the Tender Care Learning Centers said the staff did watch Xander closely.

She said the toddler threw his body on the ground while he was throwing a fit last week and hit his head on bookshelf, hurting the area near his eye.

The business manager said the toddler tripped on his shoes, that were too big for him on Monday, causing him to fall and bust his lip.

She said the mom and EMS were called immediately after the fall and state-mandated accident reports were completed in both instances.

Xander's lip is stitched up, but the good news is he's doing well. He's healthy and able to run and play.

Rodery has this message for other parents considering places for daycare.

“Do your homework first, Look into a daycare before you really jump into one.”

The 5 On Your Side I-Team dug through Tender Care's violation history.

Inspections turned up 17 violations in the past year. In the year before that, inspectors found 64 violations.

In one instance, a two-year-old was left alone in the bathroom for four minutes. In another, one caregiver was watching 13 kids ages three to four years old. Others complaints included mold, uncovered electrical outlets, or tripping hazards.

If you would like to check the daycare provider you use, click here for Missouri and click here for Illinois.