ST. LOUIS – There is a warning from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, as temperatures plunge.

It could be extremely dangerous for people who boat or fish in the area's lakes and ponds.

Braving the cold is something not many are willing to do, but for some fishermen like Leo Stauffer and his crew, they look forward to it every day.

“I got a whole lot of friends that come up here. Altogether there's 20 or 30 of us that see each other just about every day. We really enjoy it and we catch a lot of fish out here,” Stauffer said.

Stauffer has been fishing in the cold for more than a decade. On Friday, temperatures were below 20 degrees which increased the chance of hypothermia.

That’s part of the reason Missouri Highway patrol is urging everyone to use caution when participating in water activities.

“You got to wear heavy gear and stuff so you don't get frost bit,” Stauffer said.

To stay safe in the cold especially near the water make sure to layer up, if you're out on the water wear a life vest, and bring a friend if possible.

Officials advised people that having a friend nearby when participating in any water activities could help if trouble were to arise.

Missouri Highway Patrol also urged people not to stand or skate on ice above water. Officials informed people not to let kids play on ice either because it could be shallow which could make it easier for someone to fall through.