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Driver hits, kills black bear in Madison County

This time of year, juvenile males are kicked out of their mother's den and are fending for themselves.
A black bear was hit and killed by a driver in Madison County. Photo Credit MDC

MADISON COUNTY, Mo. — There was another deadly encounter between a bear and a driver in Missouri over the weekend.

Missouri Department of Conservation Agent Clayton Lewis said a juvenile black bear was hit by a car Sunday afternoon and later died. It happened on Highway 67 near Fredricktown in Madison County.

Lewis said this kind of thing is rare. In fact, it’s the first time he’s heard of it. But he said it’s likely to happen more often as Missouri’s black bear population continues to grow.

Right now, there are around 350 in the state. A few decades ago, they were nearly wiped out in Missouri.

This time of year, juvenile males are kicked out of their mother’s den and are fending for themselves.

Bottom line: don’t be surprised if you see a black bear in the coming years in Missouri, even close to St. Louis.

Keep an eye out for them when you’re driving or riding a motorcycle, and please don’t feed the bears.


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