MAPLEWOOD, Mo. — Gary Martin walked around Maplewood Sunday, holding onto a picture of his mom and showing it to passerby and residents. He has been going door-to-door ever since his mom went missing.

Barbara Johnson, 62, was last seen on the 3700 block of Manchester last week, according to Maplewood Police. She is about 4-foot-10 and 85 pounds.

“I want to know where my mom is and that she's OK,” Martin said.

Gary received a message from a friend of his mom, who had not seen Johnson around her home.

“I called her house phone and got no answer. I called her cell phone and a detective had answered,” Martin said.

A detective had also been looking for Johnson ever since her purse and all of its contents had been found in the street near her apartment.

“For her to be busy for 24 hours without someone knowing where she is, especially without her heart medicine or anxiety medication or bipolar medication, is completely unlike her,” Martin said. “She has a habit of being a homebody.”

Martin brought his two boys to help search.

“The fact that she's been missing this long, my kids have been asking, have they found her yet?” Martin said. “My big concern is that something violent might have happened to her.”

If you have any information, you’re asked to call Maplewood police at 314-645-3000.