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'It looked like the end of the world': Historic rainfall floods dozens of homes in University City

"The water just kept rising. Our basement, backyard and some rooms inside all flooded. Cars floated down streets," said Marisa Scott.

UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. — "It looked like the end of the world. It looked like the Apocalypse," said 33-year-old Marisa Scott.

Early Tuesday morning, Scott woke up and could not believe what she saw outside her home in University City.

"I was worried that all that water was going to keep rising and that we were not safe," she recalled.

Rising flood water, reportedly as high as eight feet, quickly turned Trinity Avenue and several nearby streets into rivers.

"It was just unreal. You could see the tall waterline all around our house. We watched it all from inside," said Marisa Scott.

The record rainfall flooded the family's basement, seeped inside their dining room and left their three cars submerged in muddy water.

"It hit our dining room area and crept through our wooden floors. It hit the kitchen and left puddles in our kitchen. When I saw my car, I just kept thinking about how I didn't have full coverage on my 2013 Scion. Thankfully, my mom and fiance both have full car insurance. I think all of our cars are just ruined now," said Scott.

The young couple and their 17-month-old baby moved from Chicago and back in with Scott's mom in University City just last month.

They lost life-long treasures including Scott's mom's artwork, antiques and precious photos of her beloved grandmother, Maria Szapszewicz.

Scott's 90-year-old grandma was a Holocaust survivor and author.

"Losing paintings and old letters and records is just an incalculable loss," said Scott's fiance, Benjamin Smith.

"You can also see the dirty water line on our house. It was scary," said Adrienne Newcomer, the family's next-door neighbor.

The relentless flood water also crept inside Adrienne Newcomer's home.

"It's pretty bad. It's all the way up in our main level. Fortunately, we do have flood insurance," said Newcomer.

A few blocks away:

'It's unreal. It was just something that happened unexpectedly," said Kris Wells.

Everyone is still talking about the fast-moving flooding that also pushed dozens of parked cars down saturated Cabanne Avenue like toys.

A jaguar landed on top of a fire hydrant.

Neighbors say the powerful, high water also swept away a dumpster, a half-a block away from a fire station, and right into a floating car.

Kris Wells caught the historic flooding on video with his cell phone.

"Man I was upstairs in my second-floor apartment and just couldn't believe all that water. I've never seen anything like that. I'm just a loss for words," said Wells.

"I don't really know what we're going to do right now. I'm currently unemployed. My fiance is working, but again we were just starting over since we moved here from Chicago Tonight we will stay with friends. I am just happy that we all survived," said Marisa Scott.

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