The New Athens Fire department says a captain who was shot at Casino Queen Sunday morning is going to make a full recovery.

Larry Weber is a huge part of the community, and his neighbors have all rallied around him during his time in the hospital.

“Everybody knows what everybody’s doing,” said New Athens Village Trustee Arlene Geppert.

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New Athens is a small town located along Route 13, and everyone knows everyone.

“It’s very, very, very close-knit,” said Geppert.

So when disaster struck a huge of part of the community, everyone knew quickly.

“I’m hoping we can get back together again,” said Geppert. “The people that I see, they’re always asking, we want updates on him, you know, how’s he doing?”

New Athens Volunteer Fire Captain Larry Weber was providing security for Casino Queen in East St. Louis when he was shot near his stomach Sunday.

Three men with rifles busted in and stole cash, shooting Weber in the process, even though he was unarmed.

“He belongs to so many organizations, and has been since he got out of high school,” said New Athens Fire Captain Justin Majzel. “He just jumped right into local politics immediately and the ambulance service, and he’s just been a part of the community unlike anyone I’ve ever known.”

Majzel works closely with Weber.

“It’s just not something you expect you know?” said Majzel. “You’re a security guard at a casino, but you don’t expect to be bum-rushed by guys with assault rifles.”

His GoFundMe account says Weber had two surgeries and should make a full recovery.

Until then, Geppert is waiting for Weber to get back to help with city business.

“C’mon Larry, get up, I need your help,” said Geppert.

If you want to help Weber and his family, go to his GoFundMe page here.

CrimeStoppers has offered up to $26,000 for information that leads to an arrest in the case –call them at 866-371-TIPS.