Some Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville students say their school is violating their right to freedom of speech.

The College Republicans of SIUE, a student organization, is suing SIUE over a "speech zone" designated for demonstrations. It's a 900 square-foot area that some students say isn't big enough for a 1,600-acre campus with 14,000 students.

"Only one person or one group can be in there at the same time and they have to have prior permission to do that," said attorney Tyson Langhofer, who is representing the College Republicans.

Langhofer also says the speech zone is the only place students can distribute literature.

"Any day that we want to advocate and promote our group, we are burdened and stifled by permits and restrictions," Outreach Chairman Myles Nelson said.

Nelson wants the entire campus to be a speech zone.

"We are not only doing this for our organization but every organization and every student," he said.
SIUE sent the following statement to 5 On Your Side:

"The lawsuit has not been served on the University. We have not had the opportunity to review it, and therefore, cannot comment on the allegations."

Langhofer says they've filed the lawsuit and are in the process of serving the it. Once that happens, the school would have around 30 days to respond.