Arriving at the mall hours before it opens to score the newest iPhone? Yeah, there's a line for that.

Friday morning, the elusively priced iPhone X, pronounced as 'ten', went on sale to the general public. While pre-orders were available starting last Friday, the demand for the smartphone has pushed back orders as far back as late-December. So, for the folks in line at West County Center, the wait for the phone with a $1,000 price tag hoped to hit their pockets sooner rather than (much) later.

"I just want it first. I want to play with it, I want to check it out," said James, one of the people in line. "I love technology."

"I got up, got two kids ready for school, brushed that kind of stuff and now I'm here at the Apple Store," said Jennifer.

"No one else will have it, so you kind of are paying for that luxury," added Michael.

While some just couldn't wait for their shiny new iPhone X, one man came prepared and ready after misfortunes of pre-ordering pushed his order back farther than he'd wished for.

"Well, I actually did order online, but then I didn't want to wait [until] December. It was backordered," said James.

Those in line had no regrets and said it's both worth the time and the hype.

"I got the iPhone [X]... it's for my birthday," said Alicia. "I'll be 30 on Sunday, so this was a birthday gift. I have been wanting this iPhone for so long. Like, if I didn't get anything for my birthday, I was gonna get that phone."

In the spirit of the iPhone X's launch, 5 On Your Side's Abby Llorico did what any other person in line would record such an event with -- an iPhone. Somewhere, Steve Jobs is smiling.

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