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Local veteran performing humanitarian work in Ukraine as part of Task Force Yankee

“I’ve had my medics uncover mass grave sites that were left behind by retreating military,” said Curry. “It’s atrocious.”

KHARKIV OBLAST, Ukraine — More than six months have passed since Russian troops invaded Ukraine, Europe and volunteers from around the world have arrived to help, including a man with ties to the St. Louis area.

“There’s not a day that goes by that you don’t hear explosions,” Joshua Curry said.

When war broke out in Ukraine, Navy veteran Joshua Curry said he jumped at the opportunity to be one of the first volunteers on the front lines.

“I feel very strongly that if the wrong side wins this conflict there will be another genocide,” Curry said.

He’s currently in Kharkiv, Ukraine, roughly 20 miles from the fighting, as part of Task Force Yankee.

“We’re bringing food supplies for families into no man’s land,” Curry said. “They rely on these grocery bags we bring out to them that has got a week’s worth of rice, pasta, and oil.”

Once a week he’s allowed inside the lines to provide aid to as many people as possible.

“We actually have to go into territory that we probably shouldn’t be there to help load up the grandmas and the people who can’t walk on foot put them in wheelchairs and bring them back across,” Curry said.

However, it’s what he’s seen behind enemy lines that has Curry concerned the most.

“I’ve had my medics uncover mass grave sites that were left behind by retreating military,” Curry said. “It’s atrocious.”

With winter quickly approaching Curry said he is concerned that the humanitarian crisis on the ground could only worsen.

“It’s really, really cold, and utilities are expensive,” Curry said. “People are worried about what they’re going to be doing."

"All we want is peace in this country,” Curry said. 

To try and help Task Force Yankee has set an ambitious goal of raising $500,000 for the Ukrainian people, but in order to accomplish their mission they need your help.

For more information on Task Force Yankee click here.

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