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Louis Gumpenberger's mother: 'My life has been hell since' his murder

Last August, police said Pam Hupp staged a home invasion and killed Louis Gumpenberger.

ST. LOUIS — Margaret Birch describes her life as “ruined” and a “mess” almost two years after the death of her son Louis Gumpenberger.

"My life has been hell,” she said. "Every day I think about my son," she said.

Last year in August, police said Pam Hupp staged a home invasion and killed Gumpenberger. Hupp pleaded not guilty for her role in his murder. Authorities said she did it to take the heat off herself in a separate murder case of her friend Betsy Faria. She has not been charged in that case.

"She shot my son until the gun was empty," she said.

Investigators claim Hupp posed as a dateline producer, and wanted to re-enact 911 calls. She offered cash to Gumpenberger, who was a man with a mental disability after a car crash in 2005. His mother believes he was going to use that money to pay off family debt.

"Louis died trying to take care of his family," she said.

Burch tells 5 On Your Side the loss of her son has been tough, but she said Gumpenberger's son Trevelyan, 12, has taken it the hardest.

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"He is still having bad dreams," Burch said.“He's afraid to go to school or spend the night with a friend because he's afraid when he gets home I won't be here anymore."

Almost two years later, there are constant reminders around the house of her son Louis. The room Gumpenberger slept in when he was alive is now his son’s. She thinks of him every day because of it. But, she said she will not move. She also has birds that her son gave her for her birthday. And, she also sports a tattoo on her arm with the words “I love you, Louis”.

"I miss him so much," she said.

The reminders often bring back the pain and anger over her loss, which is something she will never let go.

"I will never forgive her, but If my son was here he would have,” Burch said.

Burch said she does not want Hupp to get the death penalty, if she is convicted for the murder of her son. She believes that will give her the easy way out. Burch hopes she gets life in prison.

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