ST. LOUIS – ‘Play Gloria’ is most definitely a Blues thing – and the company running Laura Branigan’s Twitter account has St. Louis’ back.

Branigan passed away in 2004, but ‘Other Half Entertainment’ runs her Twitter page. It all started with a tweet by CBS Sports writer, Pete Blackburn. He tweeted, a photo of a shirt with ‘Play Gloria’ and said PLAY GLORIA (for the Bruins) with a link to the song. This did not go over well with Blues fans.

Branigan’s page tweeted back at Blackburn and said “WHAT is this???🤔”Play Gloria” is NOT a Bruins thing🙄’s a @StLouisBlues thing!💙💛🎶 Try again! #LetsGoBlues #PlayGloria #LauraBranigan #Gloria ~ Kathy, Other Half Entertainment”

‘Gloria’ became the Blue’s victory song after some of the players were out in Philadelphia.

"We were at our buddies' private bar thing with his buddies all watching the game and they had their own DJ that whenever there was commercial, they'd play the song," Fabbri said. "After a few times and there was a commercial, everyone would yell 'Play Gloria!' We kind of took to that too. The timing was just right for it all.

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