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Police report: Violent fight between police chief, wife results in no charges

His wife said the argument began over infidelity and a cellphone.
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A newly released police report details a violent fight between a local police chief and his wife. The I-Team is still working to learn why no charges resulted from the incident.

Jefferson County sheriff's deputies responded to the home of Pevely Police Chief Charles "Tony" Moutray on Nov. 17 in reference to a domestic disturbance call.

Charles’ wife, Dawn, describes being flipped off a bed, and drug by her hair after an argument over infidelity and his cell phone.

In the police report, Dawn describes how she attempted to view Charles’ cell phone while the two were lying in bed. That's when she said Charles grabbed her by her neck and flipped her over his body onto the floor where she hit her head.

Charles’ wife claims she then locked herself in a bedroom before he began breaking down the door. She said she was grabbed by her pony tail and drug on the ground. Upon arrival, deputies noted injuries to her ear.

In his statement, Charles claims his wife accidentally fell off the bed when reaching for his phone. He did admit to forcefully moving his wife by her neck, in an attempt to get his cell phone back.

Although deputies did submit a probable cause statement, suggesting Charles committed fourth degree domestic assault, no charges were ever filed.

Charles declined to comment, instead referring us to his attorney. Attorney Allison Sweeney told the I-Team the incident was a fight between a man and wife, and that no charges were filed as a result.

Charles has been the interim police chief in Pevely since October 2016. He was officially named chief of police in August.

A candlelight vigil and rally against domestic violence has been planned for Monday, January 7. Organizers say it will begin at 6 p.m. Citizens are demanding that the Pevely Police Chief face charges.

One of the organizers of the rally, Cheryl Summers, said, "This is a huge problem for women of the region who wish to be safe in their homes and wish to have the law apply equally to their husbands. If this assault had occurred by a stranger, there is no doubt that charges would have been filed."