St. Louisans finally got a taste of the newest national food chain to call the Gateway City their home away from home.

Saturday morning, hungry patrons lined up in downtown St. Louis to sample the nationally and critically acclaimed burger chain, Shake Shack. The restaurant paired with local Italian favorite Porano Pasta for a one-day, one-time-only pop-up shop.

The large line of people, which at one point stretched over two blocks, withstood the cold to get their hands - and their taste buds - to sample burgers, fries and custard treats.

"I had a free Saturday with nothing else to do this morning except for avoiding grading papers, so I thought I would stand in the Shake Shack line," said one patron.

Shake Shack, a chain who proudly boasts their 149 locations across the country, plans to set up permanent residence in the Central West End by the end of the year.

Danny Meyer, the CEO of Shake Shack, was born and raised in St. Louis.