St. Ann police successfully used a new piece of technology that helps them track and catch suspects.

Officers say they spotted a car with no front license plate Wednesday afternoon. They thought it matched a car wanted in a carjacking in the day.

But when the officer tried pulling the suspect over, the suspect sped away, but not before the officer tagged the car using Star Chase. It's a GPS tag that tracks vehicles.

Officers followed the car to north city, where the suspect stopped at Academy and Minerva and ran before officers arrested him.

They say the Star Chase technology is a game changer.

"We've had it installed for a few weeks. We haven't had the chance to use it. We're hoping this will lessen the amount of dangerous pursuits that we may be involved in with still being able to apprehend the suspect," said Lieutenant Jeff Tesdall.

Officers found a loaded gun in the suspect's car. They say it's not the same vehicle from Wednesday's carjacking.