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Wentzville schools to allow 'The Bluest Eye' in libraries again

The school district outside of St. Louis made national headlines when it banned Toni Morrison's book.

ST. LOUIS — Banned no more: "The Bluest Eye" by Toni Morrison will be allowed in libraries in Wentzville schools.

The Wentzville School District Board of Education held a special meeting Friday afternoon to vote on rescinding the ban on the book.

The district made national news last month when it voted to remove the book from its library.

Concerned parents say the 1970 novel is not suitable for kids and contains "graphic sexual violence."

Board member Sandy Garber said the book "had no academic value."

Garber expressed concerns about allowing the book again Friday, calling it an "adult book" with "nothing to offer for our children."

The ACLU of Missouri filed a lawsuit against the school district earlier this month.

"We're not making any secret that they're violating the First Amendment and they should know what will happen," Tony Rothert, ACLU Director of Integrated Advocacy, said.

We spoke with Karla Armbruster, an English professor at Webster University who teaches a seminar on Morrison’s books, earlier this month. She believes it is valuable to teenage readers.

“This is a very literary book. The style, the form are complex, experimental, even every sentence is like a poem,” said Armbruster. “One of the things students learn with this book is how to read more difficult text, how to develop interpretive skills (and) how to appreciate ambiguity.”

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