ILLINOIS, USA — The green rush continues to pick up steam in Illinois after a bill to legalize the recreational use of marijuana passed the Senate Thursday and headed to the House.

"A joint, I'm smoking weed legally in my house," said Darren Steven-Miller, a cannabis activist.

The medical use of it is already legal in both Missouri and Illinois. Thursday, Illinois moved one step further, advancing a bill to legalize the purchase and possession of recreational marijuana.

"Once you legalize something, no more new people start using it, people use it regardless if it's legal or not it's on the streets," said Steven Miller.

Darren Steven Miller has traveled the globe praising the benefits of marijuana after he said it helped him with his stage-3 multiple sclerosis, and most recently cancer.

"Whenever I use it, it gives me a normal life. I can eat better, I sleep better, I'm just a better person when I use cannabis and it is a medicine and people should have it," Miller said.

"As an association, the Illinois chiefs are opposed to the recreational legalization of marijuana," said Jay Keeven, the Chief of Police in Edwardsville.

Keeven is a member of the Southern Illinois Police Chief Association.

"We would like to have more time as a police organization. This is how we're going to address drugged driving," chief Keeven.

To Keeven, the bill was rushed. And he's hoping more changes will be made before it's signed into law.

"Sometimes I think it's appropriate to slow down take a breath and see how we're going to deal with the ramifications of our actions," said Keeven.

The bill now moves to the Illinois House, and if approved, it'll head to the governor.

Marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

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