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Missouri Senator Josh Hawley calls for independent investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden

Senator Hawley and other Republicans are accusing Biden of strong-arming Ukraine to fire a top prosecutor that would help his son Hunter Biden.

ST. LOUIS — Missouri Senator Josh Hawley is now calling for Vice President Joe Biden's interactions with Ukraine to be examined by an independent investigator.

He broke the news in a sit-down interview with 5 On Your Side.

"I’m of the view that we ought to be getting the facts on the whole spectrum of issues here including Biden’s role in the Ukraine matter and I think there should be an independent investigator that looks into that as well," said Hawley. "Let’s take it out of politics and let’s actually get the facts."

We asked Hawley if that would involve a special counsel, similar to Robert Mueller's probe of Russia's interference in the 2016 election.

"Yea potentially. Potentially for the whistle-blower complaint, you have a process for that. For the Biden complaint, he said. "I think the Department of Justice could appoint an independent investigator and go and gather the facts and then report back."

Senator Hawley and other Republicans are accusing Biden of strong-arming Ukraine to fire a top prosecutor that would in turn, help his son Hunter Biden, who served on a Ukrainian company's board.

However, many American and world leaders also wanted that prosecutor fired anyway.

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Hawley's views on the President's impeachment inquiry, just as resolute.

We asked Hawley if he felt like the impeachment inquiry into the President was the right decision.

"No, listen, I think if House Democrats or if anybody wanted to get the actual facts about this complaint they would have followed the process for that, which is to refer the whistleblower complaint to the intelligence committees, they do an investigation, they gather the facts," said Hawley.

Specifically, Hawley takes issue with the fact the impeachment inquiry isn't being led in the House Intelligence Committee.

Instead, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced six different committees will continue with their investigations.

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We asked Hawley if, aside from impeachment, if the President's call was inappropriate.

"Well look, the President reached out the way he reached out, I mean I don’t want to characterize what he said or did, but I don’t think anything he did - it’s certainly not a crime, I don’t think it’s impeachable and I do think - look - when there is a whistle-blower complaint sure we ought to go through that process and get the facts and if there are some we don’t have, we should get them but we should do that in the normal course," he said.

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