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Rep. Cori Bush doesn't want to talk about a second term for President Biden

Rep. Bush faces a primary election challenge from a pro-Biden Democrat on August 2. She has voted against several parts of President Biden's legislative agenda.

ST. LOUIS, Missouri — First-term Democratic congresswoman Cori Bush doesn't want to talk about a second four-year term for President Joe Biden—at least not until after her primary election next Tuesday.

Bush has voted against several parts of Biden's legislative agenda, including the bipartisan infrastructure bill. During an interview at her campaign headquarters on Monday morning, she declined to answer directly if she wanted to see Biden run for a second term.

At first, a campaign aide interjected to try and stop the line of questioning.

"She's got to go," the aide said before Bush jumped in.

"I don't want to answer that question because we have not ... That's not ... Yeah, I don't want to answer that question," she said.

Bush was participating in 5 On Your Side's voter guide that is scheduled to be released later this week ahead of Missouri's primary election.

The question appeared to catch her off guard. 

Bush was up against a time crunch. She was scheduled to appear at another public event right after the interview was over.

The congresswoman's aides escorted her out of the campaign site and into a vehicle to leave the premises moments after the interview concluded.

“He’s the president," Bush said. "He has the right to run for a second term, absolutely. But I don't want to ... I'd rather you not ask that question."

Biden's poll numbers have declined as the 2022 midterm approaches and inflation soars. However, Bush's reluctance to take on the president's political future likely has more to do with her own as she's competing against state Sen. Steve Roberts, a pro-Biden Democrat who has criticized her for being too far to the left.

"I support the president. Full stop," Roberts said. "I'm curious to know who Rep. Bush intends on supporting."

Republicans seized on Bush's remarks on social media to highlight the decline in public support for Biden. 

The National Republican Congressional Committee shared the clip with the caption, "Nobody thinks Joe Biden is doing a good job."

5 On Your Side previously reported on local Republican operatives organizing dark money groups to help Roberts defeat Bush in the primary.

5 On Your Side will have expanded Missouri primary election coverage on 5+ on August 2.

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