ST. LOUIS — Let's talk about an issue people are so passionate about, it's even been made into a bumper sticker: 'Right to Work'.

Right now, 27 states have 'Right-to-Work' laws. Basically, it means you can't be forced to pay union dues to work somewhere.

Missouri could soon be the 28th state but it's up to you because it's going to a vote of the people.

Didn't lawmakers pass right-to-work last year? Why are we voting on it now?

Well, those who think it's a bad idea put the brakes on it. They started a petition and got enough signatures to get it on the August ballot.

On the ballot it's called Proposition A. If you want Missouri to become a 'Right-to-Work' state, you'll vote yes. If you're against 'Right-to-Work', vote no.

It's a vote that's being watched around the country. It's been called "ground zero" in the right-to-work fight. Political analysts, including our Dave Robertson, say if unions here in Missouri can overturn 'Right-to-Work', supporters in other states may try to do the same.

Robertson says if Prop A passes it will be a big blow for unions. A punch that will be felt throughout the nation.

So what happens if Missouri becomes a 'Right-to-Work' state? That depends on who you ask and what you read.

According to a 2015 Detroit Free Press article, when Michigan passed 'Right-to-Work' legislation, union membership dropped nearly eight percent the first year. But in Indiana, union membership actually went up a smidge.

But hey, you get to decide by casting your ballot on primary day, August 7.