ST CHARLES, Mo. — A sign in St. Charles is turning a lot of heads. 

It's warning people to watch out for a "large wild cat" in the area that's reportedly eating other animals.

"I don't know, I wouldn't be surprised I see beavers at Mcnair park once in a while and we see coyotes around here once in a while," said St. Charles resident David Ignotz.

So what is the likelihood of a cougar roaming around St. Charles?

"They say the wolves are coming back, the cougars are coming back so I mean the hunting pressure is down so I don't know, maybe," added Ignotz.

There have been 74 confirmed cougar sighting in Missouri since 1994, but to really know if a mountain lion could make its way to St. Charles I asked a professional.

"You know we certainly have had confirmed sightings in the state so it's very possible someone could see a mountain lion, but a majority of our cases end up being other animals," said Dan Zarlenga with the Missouri Department of Conservation.

One of the most mistaken mammals for mountain lions is the bobcat.

"And believe it or not dogs are one of our most common culprits," added Zarlenga.

Dogs mistaken for mountain lions?

"If you think you know a dog could be approximately the same size, could have pointed ears, could be approximately the same color," said Zarlenga.

While the sign is turning the heads of people passing through, those living close by will have their's on a swivel too.

"Keep your eyes open, yeah keep your eyes open," joked Ignotz.

I talked with St. Charles County Animal Control about this sign and they say your best bet is to call the Missouri Department of Conservation if you see a Cougar or Bobcat.

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