EpiPens can be very expensive. But the life-saving medicine is needed for many with severe allergies. We saw a post on Facebook claiming you could sign up and get them at huge discounts. But is this true?

Anchor Heather Crawford and producer Abigail Curran from our sister station in Jacksonville, Florida, set out to verify.

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It's a potentially life-saving injection for those having severe allergic reactions, and its manufacture made headlines last year for the skyrocketing cost of an epi-pen.

You may have seen a post on Facebook talking about getting their EpiPen prescription for free. It says that this person went to CVS to fill their prescription for an EpiPen. The CVS worker allegedly told the person to go to a website to help cover the cost of her Epipen. And they ended up getting the prescription filled for free.

But is this true?

Our verify team looked into the website. We also contacted Mylan's Corporate office. They are the makers of EpiPen.

The card is not valid for uninsured patients. Patients who are covered by any state or federally funded healthcare program such as Medicare, Medicaid, TriCare, etc. are also not eligible.

We reached out to the company to learn more. They said that about 90 percent of insured patients can get the EpiPen for free with their savings card. They offer an authorized generic at wholesale cost. It runs about 300 dollars for two devices.

Mylan says that since putting these programs in place last year, nearly 90 percent of consumers had an out-of-pocket cost of less than $100 while more than 80% are paying less than 50 dollars.

So we can verify that this deal is real. You could get your EpiPens for free. Although it's not guaranteed. You will have to fill out some forms to see about the availability.

You can find more information by clicking here.


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