1. Nick Foles was the worst quarterback on the planet earth in St. Louis. He just became the Super Bowl MVP. It’s a little different story when your coach is Jeff Fisher as opposed to Doug Pederson. His experience with the Rams was so bad he wanted to quit. You have heard about a boss driving you to drink, he had a coach driving him out of the game. Congrats to a good guy who deserved to have that special moment.

2. Isn’t it amazing how all these ex-Rams blossom as soon as they get out of here? Because of that terrific trio of Fisher, Kevin Demoff and Stan Kroenke, careers came to screeching halts. Now, look at Foles, Chris Long and Danny Amendola.

3. Fans of Mizzou basketball fans should be really impressed with the direction of the program. Cuonzo Martin is exactly what the doctor ordered for Mizzou. He has always been a big-time recruiter, his teams really defend and he is a man of great integrity. When is the last time Mizzou had a guy like that?

4. I have no idea what will happen with the SLU Title 9 Investigation. I do know this is the best the team has played in three years. They have talent in the program and they have some great players coming. I am not as optimistic as I once was, but I still think they have could have a really good future.

5. The Blues present situation is intriguing. Everybody in the organization wants to keep saying that Jake Allen is the number one goalie. He may end up being the number goalie. However, if you are trying to make the playoffs in the best division in hockey, you play the hot hand. Nobody has been hotter than Carter Hutton.

6. I wonder if the Cardinals have enough starting pitching. I wonder if it wouldn’t be a good idea to offer a 2 or 3-year deal to Jake Arrieta at some ridiculous number. If you can limit the years and just pay him a lot of cash for a few seasons, it’s a great move. I happen to really respect Adam Wainwright, but Father Time is undefeated against everybody except Tom Brady. Arrieta would be your number 2 starter.

7. Here is one of the most baffling items in sports. We live in this ridiculous time period where mediocre NBA players make 15 million a year. And yet, Tommy Pham, who was the best player on a Cardinal team worth about 1.7 billion dollars will make a little over the Major League minimum this season. His career started late so Tommy can’t get to arbitration yet. It just seems wrong.

8. Have you been to MAC’s in Dogtown? I used to think Carl’s served the best burgers in town. I am not so sure now. If you haven’t had one of those double cheeseburgers, take a shot. Incredible!

9. I am also a big fan of Faraci’s Pizza. Everything is homemade. The red sauce is special. However, I am also in love with Peel’s Wood Fire Restaurant in Edwardsville. The pizza cooks in two minutes at 800 degrees. They are going to open up a place in Clayton. I am excited.

10. I must have issues because a majority of the Netflix and movies that I enjoy are vigilant related. I am just about to finish up Dexter and can’t wait for the remake of Death Wish which will be released shortly.