CREVE COEUR, Mo. - On the walls of Chaminade's gymnasium, you can't help but notice the legacy left behind by great basketball players. For example, you have David Lee, Bradley Beal and you can't forget Jayson Tatum. But there's one guy who's itching to join that class.

"I don't know if I'm as good as them yet or where they were at my age but like I said, I want to be there someday," junior guard Luke Kasubke said.

Kasubke has range from just outside the parking lot, but that's not all the 6-foot-6 guard can do.

"If someone is too close on me, I can drive by them," he said.

There's nothing Kasubke can't do on the hardwood and it starts with the work put in when no one is watching.

"I mean he's a kid that doesn't miss any practice days, works his tail off and does whatever you ask him and then 1,000 percent more," head coach Frank Bennett said.

"I play as hard as I can every time I step on the court," Kasubke said.

Kasubke has dreams of making to the next level and becoming the next great Red Devil, but he knows he can't get there based off talent alone.

"He'll try and find time where I may be eating dinner and he's like 'Coach, can I get in the gym?' and I'm scrambling texting everybody like I can't do it this one time but can someone else get the gym open."

His work ethic has not only made him a better basketball player but also a better teammate and friend because, at the end of the day, that's what Kasubke cares about most.

"Every time I step out there on the court I feel like I'm at home and then playing with my teammates, I love playing with them, we're brothers," he said.

Brothers on a mission, Chaminade have some work to do if they want to accomplish their goals. But Bennet thinks anything is possible with this group especially when you have Kasubke leading the way.

"He really is a high character person, he takes care of his academics, he doesn't get into any trouble, he just stays on the straight path to his goals and accomplishments," Bennett said.

If Kasubke continues on the path he's on now, those names he used to stare at on the wall, will one day have to make room for him.

"Luke is aggressively trying to pursue the ranks and when you're fortunate enough to be at Chaminade and this program, it's cool to watch guys to pursue the David Lee's the Brad Beal's and the Jayson Tatum's because that's the motivation," Bennett said.