ST. LOUIS — Whatever the conditions are outside, there's always one place kids can go to get some work in. It's called the Larry Hughes Basketball Academy. 

"I think a lot of kids enjoy playing basketball, keeps kids out of trouble and out of the streets, keep them motivated to be successful," Larry Hughes said. 

Hughes knows a thing or two about being successful, he started his career at CBC, then went on to SLU before balling in the NBA.

Now he's throwing assists, helping the new wave of ballers.

"You know seeing high school players and their game and how to help them develop is really where it started so I wanted to go and get the younger kids and help them develop so they're in a better position in high school," Hughes said. 

Helping their game is not just a great team of trainers said Hughes, but state of the arc technology. 

"When we bring young athletes in, we know they want to dribble and they want to shoot, so this environment allows them to shoot the basketball," he said.

Out of eight baskets in this gym, six of them have TV monitors which are connected to sensors that tracks every made or missed bucket. 

Can't forget about those handles, they have a ball handling room which allows players to mirror drills on a t.v. just like the video game guitar hero. 

But for those wanting that next level of training, that's where the performance area comes into play.

"We don't understand in middle school or high school how the colleges train, so we can now simulate some of those things, get those guys prepared, get those girls prepared for that experience," he said. 

The LHBA caters to every basketball athlete or parents needs. The end goal, help the kids achieve whatever it is they want out of life.

"They're really learning some information that can carry them, with the character development, the life skills, the adversity that we create within our curriculum is important," Hughes said. 

The LHBA accepts kids from grades K-12, to schedule your free training, visit