ST. LOUIS — "Well going into 8th grade, I didn't know what an offer was, I thought you just picked a school and that's where you went," senior Shammond Cooper said.

Little did Trinity Catholic linebacker Cooper know, he does have that option as he is being recruited from schools all over.

"I'm not surprised at all, he works hard like I said, I'm surprised he hasn't gotten more," head coach Terrence Curry said.

Cooper has piled up 40 D1 offers which is something to brag about one day when he's older, but for now, it's a lot to take in for a senior in high school.

"This gon' be the biggest decision of my life I ever made," Cooper said.

Just six days removed from a state championship, Cooper is back focused trying to find a future home.

"Right now, I'm at Illinois, Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas," he said.

Cooper said his is a tough decision, but his family is backing him all the way and so is his head coach Terrence Curry, who happened to be a former division one player himself.

"Like I tell my guys all the time it's not about the school with the biggest name or what you think is the biggest name, it's about the best environment for you," Curry said.

As Cooper takes his final visits, he said he's in search of one thing when he steps on campus.

"Just keep it real with me, tell me what you gonna do with me, tell me what you have planned for me," he said. "I don't want those fake dreams, you gon’ be All-American all of this, tell me what you really think about me."

When it's all said and done, he's going to go somewhere with a head coach he trusts and a program he can make an immediate impact. And for those who doubt his talents, just know you're only motivating him.

"Everybody that has doubted me in my life, that's who I do it for, like people say I can't do it, I can't do this, that's why I want to show you wrong and show you I can do what I do," Cooper said.