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Paul Goldschmidt hits foul ball completely out of Busch Stadium

Mike Laga, anyone?
Credit: AP
St. Louis Cardinals' Paul Goldschmidt hits the game-winning home run during the 11th inning of the team's baseball game against the Miami Marlins, Wednesday, June 19, 2019, in St. Louis. The Cardinals won 2-1. (AP Photo/L.G. Patterson)

ST. LOUIS — Lost in all of the Albert Pujols hoopla of Friday night, Paul Goldschmidt laid claim to a new Cardinals baseball oddity.

In the fourth inning against the Angels, Goldschmidt pulled a Griffin Canning pitch down the third base line and up out of the stadium according to Cardinals broadcaster Dan McLaughlin.

Goldschmidt is the first Cardinals player of memory to hit a ball out of Busch Stadium III.

The only player to ever hit a ball out of Busch Stadium II was former Cardinals reserve first baseman Mike Laga, who's become something of a folk hero in St. Louis since accomplishing the feat in 1986.

Laga also has one of the most hilariously bad baseball cards of all time, where it looks like he's wearing a pink jersey and a drawn on hat.

Laga played three seasons in St. Louis, hitting five home runs and 27 hits in 76 games.

Goldschmidt has 72 hits and 14 home runs in 75 games as a Cardinal.

But now the two will forever be linked in weird Cardinals trivia.

You have to love baseball.

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