ST. LOUIS — The saga of the lawsuit between St. Louis and Rams owner Stan Kroenke and the NFL over the relocation of the Rams continues to drop new drama on a weekly basis.

On Thursday, a new report had some of the most interesting nuggets yet.

Ben Fischer of the Sports Business Journal reported that Kroenke has threatened to settle the case with St. Louis separately and then leave the league on its own in an impending trial to start in January. Fischer reports an email sent to league officials said Kroenke wanted assurance a possible final payout would be shared between himself and the NFL.

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Fischer reported that Kroenke's representatives think they can settle his involvement in the case for somewhere between $500 and $750 million and that mediation is set for Tuesday, Nov. 23.

Fischer's report comes after the report from ESPN's Seth Wickersham that Kroenke had been maneuvering to get out of paying for the cost of the lawsuit in St. Louis. Kroenke had reportedly promised to indemnify the league of payment if any lawsuits were to arise as the result of the relocation.

The trial is set to begin in St. Louis on January 10, 2022 if a settlement is not reached.

A.J. Perez of Front Office Sports had previously reported that Kroenke had offered $100 million to settle the ongoing lawsuit in St. Louis over the relocation of the Rams. Perez reported the offer was part of the presentation at the NFL Owners meeting in October, but there was no timeframe on when the offer was pitched to the St. Louis legal team.

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