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Is something in the water at Anderson Hospital in Maryville, Illinois?

A photo out of Maryville, Illinois is trending. Eight pregnant nurses. And the story gets even better. Who better to tell it than our very pregnant Dana Dean.

MARYVILLE, Ill. — I'm inside Anderson Hospital in the labor and delivery area.

Talk about the ideal place for me to report on a story considering I'm nine months pregnant.

Here's the real reason I'm here: eight pregnant nurses who help bring babies into the world are getting ready to welcome their own.

Something's in the water at Anderson Hospital.

Sara Grotefendt, OB Educator, said, "We would tell one person and then we would slowly find out someone else was pregnant, and another person."

Ashley Bruns, Labor and Delivery RN, said, "Who drank the water next?"

The hospital posted this photo on Facebook, with seven of the eight nurses pictured, getting lots of comments, shares, and likes.

Sara said, "One of the rolling jokes on the Facebook post was that we weren't going to have enough staff to take care of our patient's but we'll have plenty of staff."

The eight nurses work in the same department and specialize in labor and delivery as well as newborn care.

Dana: "When are you due?"

Michele Embick, said, "December 13."

Gwen Litteken said, "November 26."

Rebecca Eggering said, "November 10."

Sara Grotefendt said, "November 5."

Ashley Bruns said, "October 25."

Britaney Grizzle said, "September 3."

Then, Susan Lentz, holding her baby, started laughing when asked the question.

Make that seven pregnant nurses in one department, one just had her baby.

Susan said, "Definitely can relate to my patient's a little more since I had an emergency C section this time."

And having coworkers they can relate to like this is priceless.

Dana: "Are you guys going to help eachother deliver eachother's babies?"

Rebecca Eggering, Nursery RN, said, "Yeah, it's really exciting. I've delivered both of her other kids.

We're due five days apart so we're hoping that continues and I can do the third one too."

Dana: "That is a special bond."

They also bond over things like cravings.

Michele Embick, Labor and Delivery RN, said, "I like hot wings and gummy bears."

Dana: "That sounds really good."

The nurses hope to recreate the photo on Facebook, when they can all hold their babies.

Dana: "The perfect Christmas card."

Gwen Litteken, Mother Baby RN, said, "Perfect, yeah. Everybody should be here by Christmas."

"So yeah that would be great."

There are another six pregnant ICU nurses at Anderson Hospital.

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