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Sanctuaria launches new farm to table menu

A Latin-themed restaurant in The Grove recently shook up its menu.

At Sanctuaria, located at the corner of Manchester and Boyle in the Grove, the art alone is something to behold. Like this piece behind the bar, made by a Canadian sculptor.

Casey Hanlon, general manager, said, "The bone tree, that is what everyone likes to call it, the bone tree. It weighs roughly a ton and it is anchored through the basement."

Sanctuaria has been open since 2009, serving tapas and craft cocktails in an eclectic space. One thing hasn't changed over the years is the love they put into each drink.

"We still do everything by hand. Syrups we do, juicing we do," said Casey.

One of the best sellers is the Sanctuaria Zombie.

"The lime is hollowed out filled with overproof rum and lit on fire. It's a drink to be reckoned with," he said.

The original concept of Sanctuaria was Latin-themed tapas. They are still offering their best selling tapas like one called Wicked Good Shrimp as well as the Latin-style Begger's Purse but Sanctuaria recently changed the menu, adding about a dozen new dishes.

Marc Rollins, executive chef, said, "Been working with our farmer Scott at Foundation Farms in Belleville, we own the farm as well, over the last year or so to put a farm to table concept on the menu and we launched it a few months ago."

One of their top sellers on the new menu is venison pork stuffed mushrooms but the chef's personal favorite is the filet bearnaise.

"Filet mignon topped with poached quail eggs and duck egg bearnaise sauce," he said.

Sanctuaria is also open for lunch.

Casey said, "We've infused Diablitos restaurant during our lunch hour."

Sanctuaria, a fun place to come day or night.



4198 Manchester Avenue, The Grove

Diablitos Lunch: Tues-Sun 11am-3pm

Sanctuaria Dinner: Sun, Tues-Thurs 5pm-11pm / Fri & Sat 5pm-1am

Late Night Cocktails: Friday & Saturday 1am-3am