Some of the biggest celebrities turn to Cheree Berry Paper to create invitations for some of their biggest life moments. Tina Fey, Ellie Kemper, and Chelsea Clinton, to name a few.

Probably our biggest one was designing Chelsea Clinton's wedding invitations.

Cheree Berry, founder and CEO, said, "I did go to New York and meet with Chelsea and Hillary and present their designs to them and it was one of top experiences I've ever had in my life."

Every piece of custom stationary created by Cheree Berry Paper has a story.

She said, "We're constantly trying to defy the 2 dimensional nature of paper. Thinking about little details, that if they look at it again, they see something they didn't see the first time."

Former Kate Spade art director Cheree Berry, who's originally from Bonne Terre, Missouri, founded her own stationery company a decade ago.

"10 years ago it was just me and my laptop," she said.

Today, this Clayton business is a multimillion dollar company.

"As I started getting more requests for work and couldn't handle all on my own, I started bringing on more people."

Cheree Berry Paper now has 22 employees and their products can be found around the country.

She said, "We now have a partnership with Target and have a line of baby and wedding stationery in all Target stores nationwide."

You'll find even more products on targets website.

"Cocktail napkins, straws, signage for events, paper chargers," she said.

Cheree Berry Paper does more than stationery, they've created custom decorations for the White House.

Cheree said, "This past year, it was the Christmas tree in the Oval Office and before that, it was the ceiling in the East Hall."

Even if you're never invited to a celebrity get together, you're next gathering could have the same touch.

You'll find Cheree Berry Paper in Aisle B7 in Target stores. For more information, visit or Their offices, where they meet clients to create custom stationery, are located at 215 North Meramac Avenue in Clayton.