ST. LOUIS — A St. Charles County man who has been seen across the country in photos that his mom shared to bring awareness to addiction is now on the road to recovery.

Remember Cody Bishop? His mom shared photos with 5 On Your Side that showed him before he was addicted to heroin and meth and after he was addicted. The photos were taken 7 months apart.

Jennifer Salfen-Tracy wanted to share her story on Facebook after she said many of her family and friends were asking how everything was going. What she didn’t know was that her story would be seen across the country. Her original post was shared over 65,000 times. 

The post captured the attention of a man who offered to help find Cody and give him a scholarship to a rehab facility.

Richie Webber, who is a recovering heroin addict, offered to give Bishop a scholarship to a rehab facility once they found Cody. Webber has been feature in A&E’s show ’60 Days in Narcoland.’

‘We were eventually able to find him, and I was able to scholarship both Cody and his girlfriend Katie into some of the best rehabs in the entire country. It has been absolutely incredible to see how many people have came together to help this young man!’ Webber wrote in part on Facebook.

On Oct. 20, Cody’s mom shared, ‘Cody Bishop has been found and currently in a rehab facility where he is starting his road to recovery.’

You can follow Cody’s journey here

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