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Humane Society of Missouri hosts pit bull adoption promotion

Through August, interested adopters can adopt adult pit bull terriers and pit bull mixed breeds for a reduced adoption fee of $25.

ST. LOUIS — Have you been looking for a new furry friend to add to the family? This could be your chance.

The Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO) is hosting a pit bull adoption promotion. That means through August, adult pit bull terriers and pit bull mixed breeds have a reduced adoption fee of $25.

"Pit bulls are perhaps the breed most associated with controversy and this is largely due to the stigma surrounding the inaccurate representation of the breed as, 'inherently dangerous and aggressive,'" said a release from HSMO. "When raised by a responsible pet owner in a loving environment, pit bull terriers are smart, loyal, and gentle companions."

The Humane Society of Missouri said the following are the reasons you should consider adopting a pit bull:

  • Prepare for Kisses: Pit bulls are extremely affectionate, loving, and devoted dogs and they have arguably the best smile of any breed. They have a ton of personality and appreciate their owner’s attention and approval more than anything.
  • Easily Trainable: Pit bulls are very smart, learn quickly, and are easy to work with. This craving for structure and strong guidance from their owners means they pick up proper training very well. Many pit bulls have become therapy and service dogs and can even be trained to be agility champions, search & rescue dogs, and military heroes.
  • Healthy & Strong: Because pit bulls have such diversified DNA, they don’t often fall victim to genetic health disorders like other large dogs. This makes them healthy, with long life expectancies.
  • Minimal Grooming: With short coats, pit bulls only shed moderately and just require regular bathing, nail clipping, and ear cleaning, much less than other similarly sized dogs.

To see all the dogs eligible you can visit Humane Society of Missouri's website or visit in person at their location in St. Louis City or Maryland Heights.

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